About Jamie Gogan


Il Progetto

Realization of New Music and Folk Music in the Context of the Classical Guitar

A project that aims to create a piece of new music in collaboration with external composers, focusing on the classical guitar as the core instrument. This project incorporates chamber music elements, involving three other musicians, a flautist, fiddle player and a trad guitarist. The project seeks to explore the fusion of folk music from various countries, such as Ireland, Spain, and the Balkans, within a classical guitar context. By blending these diverse musical traditions, we aim to create a unique and culturally enriching experience for audiences

One of the primary objectives of this project is to produce an original composition that will blend folk music traditions with classical guitar techniques. The project will collaborate with Irish composers Breifne Holohan and Roisin Ward Morrow, who will reimagine traditional folk melodies as an ensemble piece for the quartet, using harmonic material inspired by Manuel De Falla’s ‘Siete Canciones Populares’.

‘The guitar is widespread in so many cultures and countries throughout the world, making it so easy to incorporate other styles and traditions into our new music. The guitar as an instrument expresses intimacy and complexity so well that it can really help to create the right background or focal point for a variety of folk styles in chamber music.’

My musical experience probably started at home with my mom and my older brothers. I took up guitar just strumming to my favourite songs and found a lot of joy in it, playing along with my brothers or with friends. I still find playing with others to be the most engaging part of music, hearing suggestions in the moment and having to react to them. Studying in the conservatory was a great way to realise the things I enjoyed about music and the direction I wanted to take. Having a space with people you know that you can regularly perform in can foster a really positive attitude towards performance. Travelling abroad is also something where I find inspiration for music. In 2020 I was lucky enough to do an Erasmus year in the North of Spain. Getting to meet teachers and performers with different mindsets and goals for their music or for their students can be really impactful even if it’s just for one lesson or concert.

Jamie has been regularly performing since the beginning of his studies in 2019. In 2023 he graduated from TU Dublin conservatoire with a first class honours in a Bachelor of music performance. In 2021 he took part in the Erasmus programme and studied with Antonio Rocha in Conservatorio Superior di Musica Vigo. Throughout his studies Jamie has participated in masterclasses with performers such as Zoran Dukic, Andrea Divitis and Sasha Savaloni among others. In 2020 he founded Listoke Concert series, an annual series of Summer concerts promoting both Folk and Classical music. These concerts have hosted internationally acclaimed artists such as Lau Noah and Niwel Tsumbu as well as provided a space for students to perform and receive masterclasses and workshops. He regularly performs in Dublin as a flute/guitar duo with flautist Valentine Laporte as ‘Duo Sola’.