Luigi Locatto

About Luigi Locatto

Relatore Tavola Rotonda

Luigi Locatto has been building guitars for more than 30 years. Not only is he an excellent guitar maker but also a brilliant guitar player. During his career, he restored and examined a lot of very important instruments from great masters such as Francisco Simplicio, Louis Panormo, Enrique Garcia, Antonio de Torres, etc. The influence of these mythic guitar makers can be strongly felt in the sound quality and the balanced aesthetic of his own guitars.

When you play a guitar built by Luigi Locatto, you get a strong feeling that the instrument is incredibly responsive. The guitar has a long sustain with a clear beautiful, singing tone. Silky smooth trebles paired with the full-bodied basses caries the sound in an efficient way. When looking at the craftsmanship it is at an impressively high level. Furthermore, there is a strong sense of detail in the craft. The label and the rosette play in a beautiful symbiosis. A true concert instrument that awaits a new owner.