Samrat Majumder

About Samrat Majumder



Current Study

• Konzertexamen (Professor Alexander Ramirez)

Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf (Germany) (2023 – 2025)


• Master of Music (in Performance [Classical Guitar] “cum laude”) (Professor Enno Voorhorst)

Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (Royal Conservatoire the Hague) (The Netherlands) (2021-2023)

• Bachelor of Music (in Performance [Classical Guitar] with Honours of the First Class) (Professor Allan Neave)

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) (United Kingdom) (2017-2021)

Some recognitions

• 1st Prize – XIV Baltic Guitar Festival International Competition (Lithuania, 2023)

• 1st Prize – XVII Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Competition (Romania, 2022)

• 1st Prize – XVII Twents Festival International Guitar Competition (The Netherlands, 2022)

Work with Music Education

Co-founder and Instructor of the “Classical Guitar Reach Foundation of India” (CGRFI).


Il Progetto

An investigation of Eastern Cultural Influences in the classical guitar solo repertoire

“Can Eastern cultures become a more integral part of the classical guitar’s cultural identity through repertoire influenced by these cultures?”

For this artistic project, I aim to explore the ways in which cultural elements from Eastern cultures may inspire repertoire for the solo classical guitar. Through this repertoire, I shall examine how such cultural influences may promote Eastern cultures to performers and audiences of the classical guitar.

In doing so, the cultural horizons of the classical guitar world may be broadened to represent a greater variety of cultures that also mirrors the growing global community of the classical guitar.

“The guitar is an expression of cultures. Through different cultures we are able to appreciate our shared humanity with the beauty of this instrument”.