Mostra “Hauser Guitars tradition"

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The exhibition of original historical guitars displays instruments made by Hauser in two different periods: the guitars of the first period, before the Spanish contamination, and the guitars of the later period, after the meeting with Miguel Llobet and Andres Segovia.
The guitars of the first period were strongly inspired by the most famous XIX century model for ex. Stauffer and Guadagnini, whereas the guitars of the latter  were influenced by the deep observation of Llobet’s A. De Torres (1859) and Segovia’s Manuel Ramirez/Santos Hernandez (1912).
After the discovery of this new approach to the making of instruments, his project concept moved progressively to the new Spanish guitar model.
Hauser began to make instruments in an era of dramatic and fast changes for the guitar: famous guitar players started to be included in the programme of great theatres and as a soloist with orchestra and they required a new instrument, louder and with more details.
We can infer that Hauser’s guitar project focused on saving the original Spanish concept and, at the same time, on bringing it into the modern era with the help of Segovia’s suggestion.
This concept is perfectly summarised by this quote from Segovia about Hauser guitars: “the perfect instrument that saves the Spanish sound”.
The Spanish guitar models made by Hauser were two :
Inspired by Torres of Llobet
Inspired by Manuel /Santos of Segovia
It’s crucial to notice that the most renowned guitar performers after Segovia used Hauser guitars from Julian Bream, till today.
We will expo an incredible selection of original guitars to celebrate the Hauser tradition.


28 (Venerdi) 10:30 - 30 (Domenica) 17:30


Acoustic Guitar Village, CremonaFiere

Piazza Zelioli Lanzini, 1 26100

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